Empowering young people to thrive and contribute to society

Our mission is to build sustainable cities and communities; encourage peace, justice and build strong institutions, achieve gender equality and empower all woman and girls.

Who We Are

Youth Regain Life .org also known as (YOU-REL) is an organization aimed at building resilient youths who will be able to over come the deficiencies of life, through our wonderful self discovery, self building programs like community service, counseling, educating and fighting against all forms Gender -based violence, creating awareness on the importance of mental health.


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Our Activities

Pep talk with Mberile

a platform which encourages every young person to speak up, share,learn and provide solutions to various issues people go through in life. Pep talk handles all social topics like low self esteem, gender based violence, relationships and many more.

Community service

Community service is also one of our programs where we encourage young people to go out there and give a helping hand to society.

seminars & Workshops

we organize seminars to talk and educate people on mental, health, gender based violence, child abuse and many more.

About Youth Regain Life

Our Vision

Build resilient youths, talents,entrepreneurial skills,instill self confidence.

Our Mission

To build sustainable cities and communities. Encourage peace, justice and build strong institutions, achieve gender equality and empower all woman and girls, open for partnership for all these to be attained.

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What people think about Us

you-rel is so great! Their programs - spanning freedom, health, shelter, and education - make a great deal of positive change for children of Cameroon
Youth Regain Life and their team are so incredibly caring and thoughtful. They approach challenges with curiosity and mindfulness, and execute against goals with an assiduous disposition. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our partnership, and are humbled to be a part of this incredible philanthropic journey.
Phenomenal organization and so impressive what they are accomplishing! We recently heard the founder speak and were so moved by their work and dedication to helping the youth in Cameroon